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Gran Patron Burdeos 40% 750ml

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    Gran Patron Burdeos is characterized by its dark amber color, and rich aroma of Bordeaux wine, married with light agave. The taste is smooth and sweet, with great body and distinctive notes of oak wood, very light agave, vanilla and raisins. The finish is long-lasting and velvety smooth.

    Gran Patron Burdeos is created from the finest 100% Weber Blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Ivlexico. First, the tequila is matured in a combination of new American and French oak barrels and aged for a minimum of 12 months. It is then distilled again before it is racked in vintage Bordeaux barrels, hand-selected from the great chateaux of Bordeaux, France (the name "Burdeos" means "Bordeaux" in Spanish.)

    Region / Country: Mexico
    Bottle closure: Cork
    Bottle Size: 750ml
    Variety: Tequila
    Alcohol: 40%