Opal Nera Bianco 700ml

Opal Nera BianCentral Otago 700ml

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    Opal Nera & Opal Bianca are premium liqueurs made from all natural ingredients including star anise, green anise, elderberries, coriander, the zEstate of Italian lemons and water drawn from a local alpine water source originally created by Leonardo da Vinci.

    The ingredients are steeped in high proof sugar beet distillate, drawing out their natural flavours and essential oils, before being re-distilled to create a series of flavour distillates.

    The natural black colouring of Opal Nera is obtained from the skins of the elderberry plant’s berries providing the signature touch. All of the ingredients are sourced locally in Italy - with the exception of the star anise that comes from China.

    Nose: Soft anise and spice with heady sweeter notes
    Taste: Decadent and full on the palate, with rounded licorice and earthy, berry flavours
    Finish: Sharp sugar snap tapering off to a lingering subtle spice finish
    Region / Country: Italy
    Bottle closure: Screw Cap
    Bottle Size: 700ml
    Variety: Liqueur
    Alcohol: 30%