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No 3 Berry Bros & Rudd London Dry 46%, 750ml

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Specially bottled for Berry Bros & Rudd in London, this gin was created to exemplify the classic London Dry style. Unabashedly juniper-driven, the riveting No. 3 gets its name from the historic home of Berry Bros No.3 St James Street in London, where they've been operating continuously since 1698. 
The No. 3 pushes tradition to the extreme using a simple 3 fruit and 3 spice recipe. The nose is all citrus and piney juniper. On the palate the juniper is balanced perfectly with spicy coriander and verdant cardamom. The finish brings the earth telltale prickle of angelica and continues with surprising length.
An exceptional product, distilled for one of the most important wine & spirits businesses in history, by the Brits traditional rivals, the Dutch? I'm sure they weren't expecting that in 1698, go figure. An excellent collaboration.

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