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Mozart Black Chocolate Liqueur 15%, 500ml

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    Mozart liqueurs are produced under the expertise of the world’s only master distiller and master confectioner. Pioneers of the world’s first chocolate distillate, crucial to the complex and natural cocoa flavour of the Mozart range, there are two primary

    Spirit bases used:
    1. Cocoa macerate: a combination of raw ground cocoa and 97% ABV cane spirit allowed to macerate for two months before filtration to remove the grounds.
    2. Cocoa distillate: using a special ‘no-heat’ distillation method to avoid spoiling the pure cocoa oils, the macerate is redistilled into the world’s first chocolate spirit.
    These two spirit bases are then combined in varying proportions for each of the range with the remaining ingredients: vanilla, dark chocolate, cream and sugar.

    Nose: Strong dark chocolate note. Hints of vanilla, sherry and wood
    Taste: Intense dark chocolate with a well balanced sherry note
    Finish: Well balanced tobacco and chocolate notes leave a palate with a slightly smoky finish
    Region / Country: Austria
    Bottle closure: Screw Cap
    Bottle Size: 500ml
    Variety: Liqueur
    Alcohol: 15%

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