Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

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Colour and condition: The hue is deep, brick red. Condition is bright.
Nose: In line with such a good vintage, the first impression is all about berry fruits –
blackberry, mulberry and red currant, sitting over the usual Ribbon Vale vineyard stamp
which we think of as leather and eucalypt. This is not to say the wine is simple but rather
there is a bright, buoyant note to the aromas, as each of the varieties in the blend signal
their presence. Long term barrel age has built in tarry characters and a very light touch of
toasty oak, ensuring the typical Cabernet Sauvignon complexities.
Palate: Similarly, the fruit flavours reveal themselves, filling the front and mid-palate with
lots of berries and dark jubes. A firm structure sits underneath, with acidity that brightens
the flavours, plus Ribbon Vale’s dense tannin providing a concentrated platform on the
finish. The oak is a light touch right at the end.