Millstone Whiskey 1125ml

Millstone Whiskey 1125ml

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Crafted to New Zealand market, bottled in a plastic bottle.

Nose: Rich and sweet to start, reminiscent of cola bottles and vanilla panna cotta. Dry, sweet, spicy and citrus notes dominate, with rye toast, salted caramel, nutmeg and kaffir lime leaves.

Palate: Maple syrup and orange zest. It sweetens as it develops in the glass, with toffee apples, barley sugar, clove and caraway. The buttery sweetness seems to be tempered by dry spice and flavours of raisins macerated in brandy. It is mouth coating, with only a touch of the traditional dryness you find in rye whiskies.

Finish: Soft, with flavours of sliced apple and cinnamon toast.