Metaxa 5 Star, 700ml

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Crafted since 1888 Spyros Metaxa, by blending the finest wine distillates, matured in oak casks for at least 5 years, with selected aged Muscat wines from the Aegean islands and a secret mix of botanicals, created this unique spirit. The exact formula has remained a closely guarded secret ever since. A unique smoothand mellow taste, neat, or on the rocks. Presented within a tall, elegant bottle, its spirit captures the warmth of the sun. Wine distillates of at least five years old provide this blend with its characteristically smooth, aged fruity taste, perfectly complemented by its dark honey colour. Able to compete at a similar price level to premium imported mainstream spirits - e.g. Scotch whisky - in every market, the 5 is quite simply a classic - yet a highly accessible one.

Country: Greece
Varietal: Spirit - Brandy
Alcohol: 38.0%
Volume: 700ml