Matusalem Solera Rum 700ml

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Matusalem Solera 7 is a pretty cheap rum for being aged for up to 7 years. The fact that it's a Solera - a mixture of different ages - is of course part of the lower price, but still. No point of drinking it straight, but as a drink rum it's kind of okay. Solera 7 is sweet with flavours of nuts, exotic fruits and oak. Not much more to say about it - it's a decent rum that could be a substitute for the lower range rums from Havana Club and Bacardi. Origin: Dominican Republic Price: Mid lower range Alcohol Level: 40% As always with the Matusalem rums, we would like to point out that the origin is not a typo - Matusalem has it's roots in Cuba, but the rum is produced in the Dominican Republic.