Matawhero Gisborne Pinot Gris 12.7%, 750ml

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All the grapes were machine harvested and juiced at the winery as soon as possible. Cold settled for 36 hours, the juice was racked to tank and inoculated with an a romatic yeast. Cool fermented to dryness, the wine was racked post ferment. A portion was induced and underwent malolactic fermentation to add mouth - feel and flavour .

  • Color : Pale straw with a hint of gold .
  • Aroma : Pretty floral wine with jasmine, almond and apricot notes. Also nashi pear and typical Gisborne lanolin.
  • Palate : Full bodied wine with tropical fruits, lychee, dried apricot, good ba lance. The wine is soft and voluptuous and very drinkable .