Margrain Pinot Gris 13.8%, 750ml

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  • The nose is there to be noticed. Tree-fallen greengage plums, newly baled lucerne hay and prickly hawthorn lead on to richer notes of elderflower, Guadeloupe melon and warm fuzzies brought on by sweet honeysuckle in full flower.
  • A rich quince reduction, sour black jubes and complexing notes of cinnamon infused apple pie meld temptingly with oven crisp breadcrumbs still too hot to handle.
  • The palate is the classic silk purse in a sow’s ear. Soft, beguiling and seductive on the outside, it draws you in only to find it firm, militarily commanding and supercilious at the core.
  • There is an enveloping softness to the texture; mushrooms on toast, creamed sweet corn and fried green tomatoes then a chewed quality to the structure which roughs up the tongue like pineapple skin and polishes the cheeks with lemon-zester phenolics.
  • A stiff upper lip betrays the edge of acidity while a little alcoholic bravado gives a watch-me-now-Mum assertiveness to the finish.