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Lost Angel California Chardonnay 750ml

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It all starts with badass vineyards and we’re always looking for something new that blows our hair back. Why keep doing the same thing every vintage when we can switch it up? There’s nothing like hopping on a bike and exploring different wine regions throughout California. Great character is in the land – we just let it express itself. And you can taste the unique personalities in every one of our wines.

All of our wines are made to be indulged in now. Why drink tomorrow when you can drink today? Better yet, why not drink tomorrow and today? Life is short.

Forget the heavy oak and butter – we want to be able to taste rockin’ fruit! Our Chardonnay is full of yellow apples, fresh pear and hints of coconut and tropcical fruit - it’s bright and refreshing. Enjoy chilled.

APPELLATION: California 
COMPOSITION: 85% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Gris, 5% French Colombard
AGING: Stainless steel
ALCOHOL: 13.85%