Diego Zamora Licor 43 Liqueur 700ml
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Diego Zamora Licor 43 Liqueur 700ml

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    It all begins with the 43 (or Cuarenta Y TReservein Spanish) ingredients used to impart the rich complexity of Licor 43. Sourced from around the Mediterranean basin, each of these fruits, herbs and spices play their part in imparting flavour to the liqueur. Once producers Diego Zamora are happy with the quality of the 43 ingredients, the maceration process begins. The 43 fruits, herbs and spices are put into a mixture of alcohol, water and the bEstate quality sugars, and allowed to steep and release their flavours and essential oils.

    Once the correct flavour has been achieved, the macerate is aged for 1 year to allow the flavours to further mellow and combine. This aged product is then combined with other aged reserves in a blending system designed to guarantee that Licor 43 maintains its famous taste consistently across the years. Following the blending process, this mixture goes into cold storage (-1˚ to -5˚) for 2 to 4 weeks before being filtered and bottled.

    Nose: Vanilla pudding, marshmallow and toasted nut aromas
    Taste: Supple, satiny entry to a glycerous medium-full body with a touch of pepper and wet stone minerality
    Finish: Tingling golden marshmallow and peppery spice fade
    Region / Country: Spain
    Bottle closure: Screw Cap
    Bottle Size: 700ml
    Variety: Liqueur

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