Lemix Margarita 946mL

Lemix Margarita 946mL

  • NZD15.99

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Lemix are the most widely used bar aid in the USA. They produce a range of non-alcoholic mixes designed to give you the optimum end product with the minimum effort involved. Their biggest sellers in New Zealand are the Pina Colada mix, Margarita mix & Strawberry Daiquiri mix.

All Lemix Cocktail Mixers contain real fruit juices and flavourings and have an added stabiliser to add long shelf life when stored in the refrigerator. They are an easy and consistent alternative.

Lemix has done it again. We’ve blended our supreme quality sweet & sour mix, triple sec and lime together to create the highest quality ready-to-use Margarita Mix. Just add your favourite Tequila, ice and blend. The Margarita mix makes the perfect base for Margaritas, punches, shooters, shakers and non-alcoholic drinks.