Laphroaig Islay 10YO Malt 700ml

Laphroaig Islay 10 Years Old Malt 700ml

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    The Laphroaig 10 Year Old is an all-malt Scotch Whisky from the remote island of Islay in the WEstateern Isles of Scotland. Laphroaig, pronounced "La-froyg", is a Gaelic word meaning "the beautiful hollow by the broad bay". Laphroaig single malt Scotch whisky is one of the most recognizable whiskies in the world. Those that love big, smoky and briny Islay whiskies will find themselves enamored of Laphroaig, and the 10 year old single malt is not only the flagship marque, but it is also the world's bEstate-selling Islay single malt whisky.

    The color is full and sparkling gold. A huge nose with hints of smoke and a seaweedy, "medicinal" smell that gives way to a hint of sweetness. Full bodied with a surprising sweetness on the palate with hints of salt and layers of peatiness that gives a lingering finish.

    ABV- 40%


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