J. Painturaud Cognac Grande Champagne VSOP Duo 700ml

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The appetizer to a long drink with tonic or Canada Dry or simply with ice or can be used for Cognac Summit: Place 3 slices of ginger and lemon zest 2 in the glass. Add 2 cl cognac DUO J.Painturaud and lightly press 2 to 3 times ginger with a pestle. Place 4 or 5 ice cubes and stir 5 seconds with a spoon. Pour another 2 cl of Cognac and add artisanal lemonade and cucumber peel. Stir 5 seconds with a spoon. For lovers of strong brandy, cognac DUO J.Painturaud seduce be enjoyed as a digestif.

Region / Country: France
Bottle closure: Cork
Bottle Size: 700ml
Variety: Cognac
Alcohol: 73%