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Havana Club Anos 3YO 40%, 1.0Lt

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From finest Cuban sugar cane, arises one of the most exquisite rums of the world: Havana Club. This quality is impressive because of its fine, incomparable flavour.

A choice of young rums is won by mature and aromatic sugar cane spirits being mixed with particularly slightly sugar cane distillates. This mixture is filled into white oak barrels in which it rests. The best barrels are selected after the maturity period, one mixes the three-year rum from them which then rests once again before it is filtered and filled.

More Information:

  • Country: Cuba
  • Producer: Havana Club
  • Alcohol: 40% ABV
  • Colour: Pale straw
  • Flavour: Fine, incomparable flavour, with notes of vanilla, caramelized pears, bananas and a breath of oak smoke
  • Taste: Slightly smoky with notes of vanilla and chocolate