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Harrington's Brewers Selection Strong Pilsner 6.5%, 500ml

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A modern take on the traditional Bohemian Pils style. You might call it almost an Imperial Golden Pils - loaded with gorgeous German malts, New Zealand Hops, our special Harrington's yeast and some of the best water in NZ.

ust to up the ante, we've judiciously dry hopped this release. Dry hopping is essentially a British & American practice, with a couple of exceptions; it is not practised by German, Bohemian or Belgian brewers. As the extra hops -NZ Chinook in this case - are added off the boil, the aroma of the beer more closely resembles that of the raw hops.

These late hops impart those citrus and grassy flavour notes that we all love to savour, and provide a refreshing bitterness that is balanced by a healthy dose of richness from the use of premium malts. Finally, the beer is unfiltered to retain that "straight from the tap" taste.

Region / Country: Christchurch, New Zealand
Bottle closure: Crown
Bottle Size: 500ml
Varietal: Beer
Alcohol: 6.5%