Gin Mare 42.7%, 700ml

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Gin Mare’s unique production process begins with the highest quality barley grain neutral spirit base. Each of the botanicals undergoes an individually attentive treatment, with the citrus fruits being first macerated in special earthenware jars for one year. When the macerates have captured the aromatic citrus oils ready for distillation, the remaining classic botanicals - juniper (harvested on site), coriander and green cardamom - are prepared, as well as the signature Mediterranean botanicals - Arbequina olive, rosemary, basil and thyme. Each botanical is then macerated for more than thirty-six hours, before being distilled separately in Gin Mare’s boutique custom built 180 litre copper Florentine still. Finally the character of each distillate is hand blended together to a harmonious whole, softened with purified water and bottled in the inimitably stylish decanter

Region / Country: Spain
Bottle Size: 700ml
Variety: Gin