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Fratello Hazelnut Liqueur 20%, 700ml

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Distillerie Francoli use only hazelnuts grown in Piemonte under strict laws of production (d.o.p.) which are toasted and infused in alcohol and water to create a hazelnut infusion. Part of the hazelnut infusion is distilled and a distillate of cocoa is also obtained. An infusion of vanilla pods and sambuco flowers is also made. The infusions and the distillates are then blended. Reduction takes place to achieve the desired alcohol content of 20% ABV. And lastly, award winning acacia honey (produced by bees on the Francoli family estate) is added to give the product its delicate sweetness. Really sweet to start with sugar syrup and sponge cake, although it quickly dries out into some big nutty flavours.

Region / Country: Italy
Bottle closure: Cork
Bottle Size: 700ml
Variety: Liqueur
Alcohol: 20%