Drappier Grand Sendree Rose 2006 750ml

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Grande Sendrée 2006 from the house of Drappier is an exceptional champagne, profound and vinous with notes of dried fruits, citrus fruit and white fleshed fruits.

It is crafted from grapes from one single parcel, which has given its name to the cuvee. The parcel was covered in ash (cinders) after a terrible fire in 1838 that ravaged the village of Urville, where Drappier are established.

A spelling mistake made in the registration papers of the parcel meant that Sendree is now written with an ‘s’ and not a ‘c’. It is a parcel which produces Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which form the blend for the Grande Sendrée.

This grand champagne is partially vinified in oak casks, and undergoes malolactic fermentation.

After bottling it ages for over 7 years in the chalky caves of this champagne house in a stable environment and ideal temperature. It is an Extra Brut, dosed at 5 g/l.

Millésime 2006 is characterised by excellent balance and immense elegance. It is a gleaming golden colour with amber flashes, with a nose that opens on notes of dried fruits, with some toasted notes and a hint of beeswax, evolving to citrus fruit, white fleshed fruits and stone fruit.

In the mouth the Grande Sendrée 2006 is wonderfully vinous, with great depth and structure for a characterful aperitif or to accompany a scallop carpaccio.