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DOW’S Oporto Late Bottled 2008/09 750ml

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Late Bottled Vintage:
Dow’s 2007 Late Bottled Vintage is a wine of a single year but it is not a “declared” Vintage Port. Whereas Vintage Port spends only two years in oak cask and then matures in bottle, LBV is aged in seasoned oak casks and then bottled, when it is between four and six years old. At the time of bottling, Dow’s LBV has completed its maturation and is ready for drinking without the need for decanting. Over the last twenty five years the work done in Dow’s vineyards and wineries has served to constantly improve the quality of all of Dow’s premium Ports. Nowhere has this investment been more evident than in the quality of Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Ports (LBV). Dow’s LBV is full-bodied, rich but perfectly balanced with soft peppery tannins and with a fine acidity that ensures perfect balance on the palate. The classic Dow’s dry finish is always present in the house’s LBV. Dow’s LBV has consistently won more awards that most other LBV Ports on the market and has earned a reputation for excellence. It is served in countless fine restaurants, on several major international airlines and most importantly it is widely appreciated by consumers in many countries around the world.


Dow’s LBV can be enjoyed anytime and pairs wonderfully with chocolate desserts and hard cheeses like mature Cheddar or even with a soft goat’s cheese.
  • Desciption: Dow's Late Bottled Vintage 750ml
  • Code: DO1LBVPO07
  • Region: Douro
  • Vintage: 2007
  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • Bottle closure: CorkBottle closure: Cork