Domaine Bernard Defaix Chablis Bourgogne Rouge 750ml 6 or 12 bottles

  • NZD213.99

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This red Burgundy, selected in the vineyard of Auxerre ( 15 km from Chablis) comes exclusively from the variety Pinot noir. Maturing occurs in 2 to 3 year old barrels -and not in new ones- to respect the freshness of the wine. It is bottled after a light filtration in order to preserve its typicity and its character. This can explain the presence of a small deposit in the bottles.

Red fruits flavors can be found, typical of Pinot noir, in this fine wine with a lot of character. It goes perfectly with delicatessen and white or red meat with a light sauce. To serve at ambient temperature.

93/100 (2020+)

16/20 Bourgogne Aujourd’Hui May/June 2015