Crystal Skull Bottle 375ml - skull bottle
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Crystal Skull Bottle 375ml

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    The story behind crystal Head bottle started thousands of years ago when thirteen crystal heads were scattered across the earth. Their workmanship was perfect, Alone, each is believed to house radiant psychic energy, which has magical power and healing properties. This bottle will help you add the magic of a party. Don't blink.

    Fill it with whatever you like

    1. New and high quality
    2. "Crystal Head" design is unique and fashionable
    3. Add some paranormal to your party
    4. It's great for themed parties, bar, home, etc
    5. An amazing gift for you or your friends
    6. Perfect topic for small talk
    7. Great item to buy as a gift

    Bottle has a cork on top. 

    1. Material: hand-blown borosilicate glass
    2. Color: Transparent
    3. Capacity: Approx. 375ml


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