Cruzan Aged Dark Rum  750ml
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Cruzan Aged Dark Rum 750ml

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    Despite the misleading name, Cruzan Estate Dark is actually a gold rum - both in its younger age and golden amber appearance.

    At first crack of the seal, this rum surrenders a hint of medicinal alcohol and vanilla with a light touch of varnish on the nose. Allowed to breathe, the rum soon relaxes and releases some very sweet molasses and caramel aromas.

    The rum carries simple tastes of vanilla, caramel, pepper and oak - somewhat similar to Cruzan's 151, though not nearly as sweet and obviously not nearly as strong. Light to medium bodied with a mildly harsh yet short finish. Brown sugar and sour orange aftertaste.

    Generally uncomplicated, and surprisingly not bad neat, however, if put on the rocks, this rum gives way from an almost grainy texture to a more silky feel - and a very slight cinnamon flavor appears.

    Ultimately, this is far from an ideal sipping rum, but it'll easily do when short on options. It gets absolutely lost mixed with coke and in weak drinks, but at the right ratio, it can end up quite tasty.