Brown Bros Australian Tawny Port 750ml

Brown Brothers Australian Tawny Port 750ml

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    The Wine
    Australian Tawny shows the classic caramel treacle colour of a tawny style. Delicious aromas of spicy fruit cake and raisins are immediate on the nose, while on the palate this fortified is luscious and intense with caramel and aged rancio flavours – a direct result of blending mature and younger wines. The wood maturation of this wine enhances the developed qualities of richness and intensity. This port shows sweetness balanced by the drying sensations derived from extended ageing in oak barrels, and a lengthy and lingering spicy finish.
    The Grape Variety
    Our Australian Tawny Port has had a name change and will now be referred to as Australian Tawny. This change brings us into line with the new Fortified Voluntary Code of Practice, which aims to standardise terminology used in relation to fortified wines made in Australia. Australian Tawny is a complex blend of young, fresh port with older, softer material. The richness of Shiraz and the softness of Grenache together with smaller quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Mataro and other varieties, combine together in the Port Soleras to produce this ‘tawny’ style port.
    Technical Description
    Bottled from the solera as required, this bottling has an acid level of 4.9g/l, a pH of 3.88 and an alcohol of 18.0% by volume.
    Serving SuGimblet GravelsEstateions
    Tawny is the traditional after dinner wine with coffee but would also be well suited to a flourless chocolate cake with double cream. This wine is also perfect on its own in front of an open fire!