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Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur 700ml

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BOLS Natural Yoghurt Liqueur is a delicious liqueur made from natural ingredients only, with no added colorants, and it has an ABV of 15%. It can be served neat or on the rocks, and mixes perfectly with fresh fruits, fruit juices, soft drinks and other Bols liqueurs. Made from high-quality fresh yoghurt, Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur has a unique sweet and sour taste profile and a natural, smooth flavour, making it a perfect, versatile ingredient for mixability. This liqueur is also delicious to enjoy straight, over ice, and with fresh fruits. The bottle has been designed with a special coating to ensure that the product remains in optimum condition while it has real standout on the back bar as well. The versatility of Bols Natural Yoghurt gives bartenders, bars and consumers at home an even greater opportunity to create exciting cocktails and drinks. A delicious cocktail with this innovative liqueur is Strawberry Delight, which is made with fresh strawberries, Bols Natural Yoghurt and Bols Strawberry Flavour Smooth and silky natural yoghurt flavour. Aroma Unmistakably yoghurt. Colour Creamy white. Use Straight, on the rocks, excellent in cocktails and mixed drinks and delicious when poured on fruit and other desserts.