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Bacardi 8 Anos 40% 1Ltr

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The rum is actually really nice just to sip. It is very smooth for an 8 year old rum. The Reserva I found was best mixed with cola to take its roughness away a little. The Bacardi 8 however when mixed with cola becomes quite oily and bitter. To be honest in a Cuba Libre it isn’t very nice at all.

When sipped, or mixed with a little ice or water the Bacardi 8 is very decent. It’s very smooth and easy to sip. It isn’t hugely expensive. . It is a well balanced rum. It has nice notes of sweetness and oak. It has some similarities with Angostura 1919 but I think this is slightly better. Both are very smooth

The Bacardi 8 is another solid well made, nicely crafted rum which has been made with care. A lot of people will still bemoan Bacardi without actually trying their products.