Absolut Vodka Mix Ltd Edit 40%, 1Lt

Absolut Vodka Mix Ltd Edit 40%, 1Lt

  • NZD55.99

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This gorgeous new limited edition bottle from Absolut is a vodka which will stand out on the shelf of any bar! The stylish multi-coloured bottle is designed by artist James Ostrer. Known for his 'junk food' art, Ostrer creates works which are critical of society's consumption of sugar and of overly processed fast food. He uses bright colours to explore the relationship between food and nostalgia.

This Absolut bottle has a design of triangle shapes of six colours, which mix together when the bottle is moved - hence the name Absolut Mix. The design is painted onto a regular Absolut bottle which contains the same Absolut vodka that you know and love. The special edition was launched at the Hong Kong Art Central festival in 2016, and is only available in limited quantities - so pick up a bottle today!