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Absolut Mango is produced entirely from natural ingredients - mainly Swedish water from a deep well, winter wheat and mangoes. It has proved a huge hit since it was first launched back in 2007 and when you taste it, you'll understand why. This is the tenth flavor to join the Absolut Vodka lineup. 

Aromatic and juicy with a fruity taste it has the pronounced and genuine character of ripened mango.  Like all Absolut flavors, Absolut Mango is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no sugar and no added preservatives.  World famous for its iconic bottle, the new packaging reinforces its strong heritage in the field of design. 

The bottle design is artistic and asymmetrical, with a strong visual concept.  It has more transparent glass than previous flavors and the decoration consists of mango fruit contours gathered in groups around the bottle.  The colors – shades of green, red and yellow combined – are chosen to reflect all characteristics of the fruit.

Produced and bottled in Ahus, Sweden. 

40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof) 700ml.