How to pick the right sparkling Shiraz

Today, thanks to the innovation of wine makers and the beauty of technology, it is possible to order sparkling Shiraz online at trustworthy and dependable online liquor stores like Liquor Mart. Sparkling Shiraz is just right if you are feeling blue or if you are looking for the perfect beverage for those boring afternoons because it is both red and fizzy. Unlike those sparkling red wine brands that were common in the 70s and 80s, the sparkling Shiraz that we stock at Liquor Mart is high end and a lot more complex. Sparkling Shiraz is fun and can be an unexpected treat to include at fun events and parties.
Why should you consider sparkling Shiraz?
Truthfully, many fine wine connoisseurs typically try to stay away from Shiraz, let alone sparkling Shiraz. However, consumers are beginning to realize the value that sparkling Shiraz brings to the table. Certain brands of Shiraz such as summer light Shiraz and organic Shiraz are a lot complex than most people think. Sparkling Shiraz is both dulce (sweet) and secco (dry) which means that it can suit people who like both in a drink.
What to look for when buying sparkling Shiraz
There are a few things that you should be on the lookout for when buying sparkling Shiraz from Liquor Mart:
The perfect bottle of sparkling Shiraz should not be too sweet. It is also important to ensure that whatever brand of sparkling Shiraz that you select also still tastes like Shiraz so as not to compromise on the Syrah taste that you might be looking for.
Spice and complexity
It is essential to ensure that the sparkling Shiraz that you get also has complexity and hints of spice. A high-quality bottle of Shiraz should have hints of oak or similar characteristics, as well as large aromas of spicy fruit for a generous finish.
Carbonation and fizz
Just like bubbly, sparkling Shiraz should also have good carbonation; the texture from the bubbles should be full and vibrant and not coarse or clumsy, which is usually a sign of low quality sparkling Shiraz.