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Unlike most ‘aged’ spirits, tequila’s ‘aging’ is done in the ground. Our agave plants grow for 8-10 years before they are deemed ready for harvest, at which point our Jimadors harvest them by hand – a method that relies on centuries-old know-how and mastered only through experience. With a combination of traditional and modern techniques, the thick honey juice of the agave is extracted, fermented and distilled twice before it’s rested in American Oak barrels for 6 months to create a beautifully balanced reposado (rested) tequila. But we don’t stop there.

To further accentuate the sweet aromas of the agave and oak barrels, our tequila is then cold filtered, creating the notes of honey and vanilla that give Tequila Blu its ultra smooth finish. The perfect sipping quality tequila enjoyed over ice or in one of our signature cocktails.