Adnams Copper House Gin, 700ml

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Adnams from grain to glass, our Copper House gin is distilled from East Anglian malted barley. Adnams Masterbrewer, Fergus Fitzgerald, makes a beer 'wash' which is fermented to around 6% abv without the addition of hops. Our head distiller, John McCarthy, then takes this beer and puts it through a beer stripping column which removes all the lcohols to create a 'low wine' (around 80 - 85% abv). The 'low wines' are subsequently distilled in our handmade copper pot still and purified further in rectification columns to create a clean, pure spirit. The spirit is then returned to the copper pot still to be redistilled and infused with six carefully chosen botanicals to impart their delicate aromas and flavours.

Region / Country: United Kingdom
Varietal: Gin
Alcohol %: 40.00%
Volume: 700ml